What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Every car on our lot is hand-picked, serviced and driven for quality testing by the owner himself. 


The service every car undergoes regularly includes fresh air filters, new spark plugs, a maintenanced halidex, reviewed front and rear differentials, a transmission flush, an oil change and a sun roof drainage update as well. We update these cars to the highest standard we are aware of, based on the problems we have encountered with our own customers in the service shop.


This is standard for every car, anything else the car needs is serviced without hesitation. And this is simply mechanical, each car also is cleaned meticulously by AIR Precision Detail, and on average, the body and interior get around 8 hours of detailing. 


Upon purchase, the car is equipped with fresh brakes and tires, unless the brakes and tires already come in good condition, so the customer leaves with brakes that have not been sitting, or tires that have grown to have flat spots. 



Our sales lot and service shop go hand in hand, we sell cars that we service and want to continue servicing for their duration.



Should you encounter any problems, we are ready and willing to remedy whatever may come your way.


A car from European Central leaves the lot ready to last and prepared to endure.